Nouha Gorani Homad

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Nouha Homad has had a career as university professor teaching English and comparative literature, and French and Spanish language and literature. She has a Diploma in Fine Arts from The Art Academy, London, UK and is now a full-time artist. Homad is also a writer, editor, and free-lance translator.


Syrian by birth and parentage, Homad grew up in Paris, Rome, Cairo, Lisbon, Buenos Aires and Damascus absorbing languages and cultural experiences along the way. She has since lived in Beirut, Amman, Washington DC, Tripoli, London and Montreal among other places and this has continued to enrich and influence her cosmopolitan vision.


Homad showed artworks at Santropol Café, Montréal, Québec, Canada (Collective Spring Exhibition 2019);  'For the Birds' at the Métèque Gallery, Montréal, Québec, Canada (March-April 2018); three artworks at the Annual Patron’s Show Fundraiser, Art League Gallery (06-03.03.2016), Alexandria, USA (March 2016); a watercolour at 'Body Language', a juried artwork show, Art League Gallery Alexandria, VA, USA (October 2015); had a solo exhibition at Mrs Janset Shami's home gallery, Amman, Jordan (4-6 December 2014) showing 29 works, nine of which were from private collections. She has shown work at the Body Language juried exhibit, Art League Gallery, Torpedo Factory, Union St., Alexandria, VA, USA (09.10-04.11.2013); the Mashreq Gallery, Abdoun, Amman, Jordan (04.2013-07.12); the Annual Patron’s Show Fundraiser, Art League Gallery (06-17.02.2013), Union St., Alexandria, USA; juried artwork at the All-Media Exhibit, Art League Gallery (09.01-04.02.2013), Union St., Alexandria, VA, USA; a number of oil paintings, watercolours, pen-and-ink and watercolours, and soft figurative sculptures at the Graduate Show (11-16.07.2012), Art Academy, Borough High Street, London, UK; 'From Darkness to Light' Exhibition, The Shunt Theatre, Bermondsey Street, London, UK (November 2010), and at Carter Perry Bailey Solicitors Launch Party (25.02.2010), Merchant Taylors’ Hall, Threadneedle Street, London, UK.








Self Portrait